The common sense or Sensus Communis

Some years ago I started to work on the concept of the sensus communis or common sense in the specifically philosophical meaning; my first approach was that of the philologist: to look at the original Latin texts where the concept is mentioned and discussed. For the moment this is limited to the commentaries on Aristotle’s De anima and other sources concerning the soul, from the beginning of the thirteenth century to the early fourteenth century, but the intention is to complete the picture with later sources.
Since I started to write in French, many parts will be in this language; others, added later, are in English. My hope is that readers will switch as easily between the two languages as I do (however, I restrained from using my mother language, Dutch).


The plan of this part is the following:


A. Introduction
B. List of sources with short description and approximate date
C. The texts (passages from the sources mentioned under B, with the Latin text, French or English translation, and short commentary)
D. Synthesis and comparisons
E. Themes
F. General Bibliography


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